How do I know if something is electrically safe?

Electricity is a wonderous technology but it still has its fair share of dangers to the unwary user. Things to look out for: Visible / Exposed Wires Discoloured Cables Burn Marks Frayed Cables Electric Sparks Things to listen for: Buzzing Static or humming noises Visible wires or anything else that appears out of the ordinary […]

My computer won’t connect to the Internet

Occasionally your computer may have trouble accessing other devices or websites on your network, this could mean several things ranging from a physical network outage (from your ISP), a malfunctioning network device onsite, or an issue with your device.  Before trying the following steps, check first with other staff nearby to see if they are also experiencing issues, otherwise:  […]

What to do when your computer won’t start

Computer not starting? Every now and then your device may exhibit strange behavior due to any number of causes – here are a few common troubleshooting steps. Check the power supplyMake sure the cable going from your device is firmly plugged in, there are no signs of damage, and ensure the power point is active. […]