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Help Topics

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General Troubleshooting

Check here for basic troubleshooting tips and advice to help you fix your issue faster. How to identify problems, possible solutions and more.

Software & Apps

For any issues with Windows, Mac, Microsoft Office, and other software/mobile applications.

Networking & Internet

When your network isn't running or you're without internet, this is the place to look.

Printing & Fax

If you're having issues with your printer or printer-related services, check here for answers.

Hardware Problems

Computer not turning on, or having an issue with your device? Check here for common hardware problems and answers.

Audio-Visual Issues

General tips and advice for Interactive Displays, Sound Systems, and other audio-visual systems.

Services & Admin Tasks

For tips and advice on maintaining for business services such as Active Directory, G Suite, etc.

Need Support?

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

We’re ready to help and fully equipped to assist you either remotely or onsite, all you need is a way to pay and we’ll be on our way.

Looking for technical support?

For clients looking to request technical support now please go to the service centre to lodge a ticket.