What to do when your computer won’t start

Computer not starting? Every now and then your device may exhibit strange behavior due to any number of causes – here are a few common troubleshooting steps.

  • Check the power supply
    Make sure the cable going from your device is firmly plugged in, there are no signs of damage, and ensure the power point is active.
  • Check for damage
    If there are any clear signs of damage (e.g. frayed cable, exposed wires) disconnect the power cable immediately and contact us (or a qualified electrician) to make repairs.
  • Check the charging port
    If you have a laptop, check the AC adapter is plugged in correctly and inspect the charging port on your device to see if it appears to be making contact.

If the above tips haven’t brought you any joy, we’re always happy to help. Current clients can request assistance through our support portal here, or if you aren’t currently a client we’re happy to see what we can do if you shoot us an email to [email protected]