My computer won’t connect to the Internet

Occasionally your computer may have trouble accessing other devices or websites on your network, this could mean several things ranging from a physical network outage (from your ISP), a malfunctioning network device onsite, or an issue with your device. 

Before trying the following steps, check first with other staff nearby to see if they are also experiencing issues, otherwise: 

  • If your computer connects via Wi-Fi
    • Check that the Wi-Fi network you normally access appears.
    • Some laptops have a Wi-Fi switch on the side or front, check that this is turned on – try switching on/off a few times to see if this works.
    • Check that Airplane Mode is turned off.
  • If your computer connects via Ethernet
    • Check that the ethernet cable is physically connected.
    • Try restarting your computer, which may prompt your computer to renew its IP address.
    • Check that the ethernet cable is plugged into the data socket on the wall or network switch – if you are unsure about this contact your technician.

For further troubleshooting advice, please contact us to determine the cause and we will endeavour to find a quick and efficient solution.